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Go ahead and click through each of our comprehensive beginners-level master classes below. You'll be able to preview the curriculum and see what each course offers.

Courses Included with Purchase

Shibori Dyeing 101: A Straightforward Guide to Creating Shibori with Fiber Reactive Dyes
Explore a versatile, easy, modern take on Japanese Shibori dyeing with our in-depth beginners' course
Jessica Kaufman
Tie-Dye Basics: Professional Guidance for Getting Great Results at Home!
Everything you need to know about the tie-dye process to launch you towards your best results.
Jessica Kaufman
Intro to Ice Dye: Techniques & Tools for Incredible Results
A comprehensive guide through the fascinating, rewarding world of ice dyeing
Jessica Kaufman

Original Price: $523


You're a smarty: this is the best deal and the biggest savings we offer!

You'll get instant, lifetime access to all three of our super packed beginners-level courses for 30% off their regular prices.

But don't think the "beginner" means there's not a lot of in-depth information inside, or incredible projects to make-- you'll be amazed what you come away with!

By buying all three at once you lock in over $150 of savings, get HOURS of video, sooo many galleries and handouts and step-by-steps and insiders' links... it's like spending months with us at the studio, absorbing everything we could possibly tell you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any benefit to getting all three?
Absolutely, yes, and how! Because we're using Fiber Reactive Dyes for each of these classes, this is the ultimate win: not only do you save money by bundling the enrollment, you can use almost all of the same materials for all three techniques!
How long do I have access to the courses?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to all 3 courses for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
How much of the content is repeated?
That's a good question: except for a good portion of the materials shopping list (save money, buy your stuff once!), and the washout instructions, each course has unique and specialized content, completely designed for the dyeing technique in that course. You really are getting three separate classes, and the ways you can combine them are huge!
Are there payment plans available?
Yes, for the Bundle Deal, there is a payment plan! We've split the bundle total ($366) into three payments of $130, bringing this deal up to $390-- which is still $133 dollars saved! Choosing the three-month plan voids the refund policy. Please shop mindfully.
What's your policy on refunds?
Due to the instant-access nature of the course, we can’t offer no-questions-asked full refunds. You get all of our resources when you buy, and since it’s self-directed learning, there’s not a way for us to prevent folks from learning everything and then asking for a refund. We don’t want you to be unhappy, of course, so if you have truly tried every part of the course, and can demonstrate that you’ve gone through all the lectures and have done the projects, we will honor a 50% refund within 30 days of purchase (if you purchased via the one-time payment option. Choosing the three-month plan voids the refund policy). Please shop mindfully!

Your Instructor

Jessica Kaufman
Jessica Kaufman

Jessica Kaufman, owner of WAXON Studio, has her Masters degree in Crafts Education, and has been leading hands-on programming at schools, summer camps, and workshops for almost 20 years. Her knowledge and passion for teaching meets her experience in fabric arts, giving you best of both worlds: concise & clear teaching with in-depth knowledge of batik & dye.


We thought long and hard about how to offer really steep discounts to people who were willing to go all in.

And in the end, we realized the special thing about a bundle isn't only the money saved: it's about rewarding folks who value versatility, imagination, and a go-get-em approach to art and craft. It's about calling in our people, who, like us, want all the methods unlocked and all the new ideas accepted.

Because this is how we dye at WAXON-- using the same dyes, but for at least 5 incredibly different techniques, often combined, always revered. We want to grow our circle of like-minded folks who are thinking outside of the box and are ready to create.

If that's you, come on in! We're so ready to show you what we know.

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